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"I am delighted you are here visiting our ministry where we "Build Powerful People and for them to Serve Others"  I teach God-inspired life skills and Healing Inspirations for the Body & Mind.   My aim is not to solve problems for people, but to teach people how to solve their own problems.  People continue to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, improve relationships, cope with grief and loss, improve health and emotional trauma.  Dr. Dorothy Wellington

2023 Theme, "Keep Strong Faith & Confidence"

As you believe in God, also Believe in yourself as a Powerful Person and a co-creator with Him in your daily circumstances.

The Just God Academy

"Just God" Not a religion but a faith to live by!

My teachings are of inspiration, encouragement, revelation and non-denominational for it's Easy to Know "Just God."  Emerge into a "Powerful Person"  Your life will be what you want it to be because you will keep the lead!

* Your Stress Level will go down, overcome fear, worry, anxiety and suffering grief.

* Your ability to deal with emotional challenges will improve.

* You will be better able to return to calm during chaos and upsets.

* You will gain more confidence and create positive changes in the brain.

* You will learn more in how to live in the supernatural with God and experience peace, love and joy every day no matter your circumstances.




 Dorothy Wellington Podcast: 

       Healing Inspirations for the Body and Mind


Please add this Podcast to your healing journey; through my teaching lessons you will be able to progress in healing and "Feel Better Than Yesterday." Also review previous Episodes. I would like to communicate with you personally (questions, testimonies, concerns),  click on page  "Reader Comments."


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"Don't Stay Unhappy for You are of the Greatest Power on Earth,

The Almighty God!

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You create miracles with God, He doesn't work alone!  Would you like to know more?  "Words Are Your Life" is a wonderful life tool for your book library!  ​ Order Book

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