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2021 Theme: Easy to Know "Just God" and Don't Worry!

My teachings are of inspiration, encouragement, revelation and non-denominational for it's Easy to Know "Just God." Emerge into a "Powerful Person!" Your life will be what you want it to be because you will keep the lead!

* Your Stress Level will go down, overcome fear and worry.

* Your ability to deal with emotional challenges will improve.

* You will be better able to return to calm during chaos and upsets.

* You will gain more confidence and create positive changes in the brain.

* You will learn more in how to live in the supernatural with God and experience peace, love and joy every day no matter your circumstances.

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"When you Invest in Others, God Invests in You"

Free Prayer & Contact Us

Here is a place for Free Prayer, leave what's hurting you, illness, concern for love ones, things that have been impossible for you to overcome! If your prayer request involves the loss of a love one, I also have a special workbook to mail you. Simply click here and fill out the form!

"God's Love & Power Elite Group"

Facebook (Private) Group

Enjoy your life and not only to be suffering through! Social media home on Facebook for The Just God Academy Elite Students & Graduates.

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"Touching the Face of God"

Samaritans for the Poor & Needy

I was on the street in parks with a homeless outreach, The Once-A-Month Church, in central Phoenix AZ for nine years. Always in prayer for hundreds and hundreds of them. One day I had an overwhelming feeling of love and care for the poor and homeless--God was identifying His heart for them. All of a sudden, I felt as someone was touching the right side of my face with their hand--it was God!

The Just God Academy is for them too, but Major Problem--they have no money for tuition. Would you become a "Samaritan for the Poor and Needy and cover their tuition, books & supplies?

Click here to learn more about Samaritans for the Poor & Needy.

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Speaking Invitations

For more background information and to schedule Dr. Wellington as a special speaker for your organizations, churches and faith-based groups from her 40-year history, learn more: