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The Just God Academy is Life-Changing!
Rev. Dorothy Wellington teach and mentor people to
"Know God, Love God & Live in His Power!"


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Leave Stressful Living to Power & Fearless Living!
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Saturday, January 12, 2019!

First-time guests receive a free book by Rev. Wellington, "Meet the Fear of Fear."

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The Just God Academy



From our youth to adulthood, we learn and have been conditioned for living, even become experts in living by stress.  We work and labor in stressful positions and businesses, we are involved in stressful personal relationships, our families and homes are filled with stress, sickness and illness in our bodies have roots in stress, our schools and educational institutions are filled with stress, we are conditioned to even sleep with stress, meals are eaten in stress and speed!  Leave Stressful Living to Power & Fearless Living, Click here to enroll in The Just God Academy!

Graduate November 2018

Andre' Wellington

New Beginnings in God's Love & Power!

The Academy is fun, easy to learn in a comfortable atmosphere with love, fellowship miracles!  Experience the Glory of God!

"God's Love & Power Elite Group"

Join our Facebook group by donation Subscription only.  Every month online receive inspiration, spirituality and teaching how to live with God's Love & Power no matter your circumstances.  My teaching will build up your self-esteem to be like God and minister wellness and healing to your body and mind.

The Internet is a wonderful discovery to connect this ministry to people around the world.  I don't want one person, one of God's sheep to hurt, be in lack, sick or suffering in any way.  So please take time to read the Description and benefits of God's Love & Power Elite Group, click here: Subscription  Monthly $10 donation requested. Subscription can be paid on using the "Donate" button above or on Donations & Support page.  Each new member will receive a free book by Rev. Wellington, "Spiritual Healing Beyond Religion."

"Touching the Face of God"
Samaritans for the Poor & Needy

I was on the street in parks with a homeless outreach, The Once-A-Month Church, in central Phoenix AZ for nine years.  Always in prayer for hundreds and hundreds of them.  One day I had an overwhelming feeling of love and care for the poor and homeless--God was identifying His heart for them.  All of a sudden, I felt as someone was touching the right side of my face with their hand--it was God!  Later He moved me to become the Inspirational
Teacher for The Just God Academy and they were to enroll as Elite Students.  Major problem--they have no money and need sponsorship.  Would you become a "Samaritan for the Poor and Needy and cover their tuition?  
  Click here to learn more Samaritans for the Poor & Needy

"The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, the brokenhearted, freedom for the captives and prisoners, to comfort all who mourn and despair.  Instead of their shame My people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance so they will inherit a double portion in their land, and everlasting will be theirs."  (Isaiah 61:1-7)

YouTube Channel:  Dorothy Wellington
"Be Like God Teaching & Healing Videos

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Talk Like God
"Talk Like God." We can actually Talk Like God. I've taught the poor and homeless on the street to Talk Like God and I'm teaching you too. Talk Like, Act Like God, do the things Jesus did. God is ...

Speaking Engagements for Rev. Dorothy Wellington, Inspirational Teacher/Author 

"I care about people!"  been called and anointed by God to teach "Simplicity in knowing God and empower people through the cares and hardships of life."  Rev. Wellington is a trained and experienced professional with expertise as a keynote speaker; workshop, classroom and conference presentations; behavioral health therapy sessions, to teaching the homeless on the street and today Director & Inspirational Teacher for The Just God Academy.  She has implemented programs that have been successful in helping people to heal, grow into powerful individuals, self-improvement, and relationships with God in learning His Laws and Principles with revelation and wisdom.  You leave her meetings with an assurance and life tools that your life can be lived with peace, love joy .  She is the author of 11 small and powerful books related to life and healing.

She has several topics to teach organizations, churches and faith-based groups from her 38-year history.  Learn more:

Social Media:

"Miracle Prayer Sunday"
Every Sunday morning, 10:00 a.m. on Facebook Live.
Miracle prayer for sickness and disease, problems, money issues, home, etc.

"You Heal Cancer,"

Because of God I don't believe the world is ignorant of a cure for cancer, the answers are in the people  It is written, "All things are possible with God."  You Heal Cancer were words God spoke to my heart and directed me in creating the blog.  If you participate on this blog and write what has been in your heart, people in need will be touched, implement it into their lives and be healed.  If you have cancer or know of someone who does, take a moment to share the information on the blog with them.  You will find Testimonies, Remedies and Prayer.

Wellington Library, Books of Life & Healing. 

Rev. Wellington is the author of eleven inspirational books that are designed to help people to live their lives with peace, love and joy.  "My books are small and powerful and will change the lives of those who read them. 

Click "Wellington Library" on the left of this page or here to review and place your order:

Rev. Dorothy Wellington: "People will be drawn to Dorothy Wellington Ministries of all faiths and beliefs.  There will be different versions to understanding the complexities of the Almighty God and His creation of Heaven and earth.  When I enter eternity I will know more perfectly the Deity and Holiness of God.  Everyone is welcome and accepted into the Kingdom of God, no one is to be left out of His Love."

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