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"The Just God People"

On March 3, 2011 my son, Adam, designed my first Just God logo which has the Infinity sign drawn through it, meaning that God never ends! In May 2014 I had joined Meet Up a social media app and it asked the group of people who would be my members. After asking God, He said, "Just God People." He had more of a description than I had realized, on June 9, 2014 He spoke this word to me:

"I had seen a brief article on the Azusa Street Revival on June 8, 2014 being Pentecost Sunday. After falling asleep that night, I was awaken at 3:30 a.m. with these words and leading from God: I believe this is a Season of God for Believers called, "Just God People." That's my name God gave to me, my logo, Just God. I believe I've worked all my life for such a time as this; God has groomed me especially these last 34 years. He prepared me from past life experiences, leaps and bounds of spiritual knowledge of Him and in education for being a part of this Season when more and more people will become "Just God People." It's not a religion, but a faith to live by.

Who are The Just God People? They are people who will know God, Himself. People who will let go of all and follow Him no matter the cost. It's people where God has become their everything, where their lives are not measured in gold and riches but in the Power and Grace of God. They are people who will exemplify

what God is, who He is in character and love.

They are people who believe Him for the supernatural, for the miraculous, they believe Him beyond the books and stories of the past. They see into the realm of the Spirit, they see visions of Heavenly grandeur. Their days are lived in His Light, they know their steps must be ordered by Him or they will fail, not on their jobs or some physical accomplishments, they will fail in obedience to the Heavenly Father and that is more important than any trophy on earth.

My name has evolved as "Just God People." You may have a different name or maybe it's your first and last name only. God's interest is in who He has called you to be and the people you are called to reach. In this, you will find your name. His calling is not measured by numbers. You will never again have to prove your vision, mission or purpose by numbers; He will no longer allow people to measure Him as a stock on Wall Street. To be this new Believer, you may be a Just God Person to your family and friends, then move out to the people of your daily contact, others may be a Just God Person to a small group they have had or a new small group they will begin.

More will be a Just God Person for a larger group, even organizations may be a Just God Person to great multitudes. Even in the great multitudes, the people will be served as though they are individuals, not a mass. God always sees us as individuals, He calls us by name, He knows every hair that is upon our heads. This is it, it is the Season of His Spirit. "Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks." (John 4:23).

This is the dawning of that time. Many have know it, many have felt it, many have changed and moved from the past, but unsure of where they were going and without the full explanation from Heaven's door. God never intended to give any one person a full explanation for the burning change in them because, most of all, He was requiring faith and obedience. Those are the leads for Just God People. They would be led by His Spirit and Him alone. Otherwise He would not be able to trust them with His Spirit and Power.

The greatest peace and satisfaction for these Just God People would be that their lives pleased God, not only at the end of life, but living each day in Him until death from this life. God is the One who qualified "Just God People." His calling is not based on any demographics or status of who you are, your education, degrees or past. He judges the heart and spirit, those who will blindly serve Him, obey Him in Spirit and Truth.

We have experienced an era of the phenomenal knowledge and technical advancements, but now has come the Season of Just God People, a Season of His Spirit, one of Grace, Mercy and Power. A time that demonstrates spiritual integrity, one where to boast of ones knowledge and assets does not meet His credentials for success. God continues to say that you have been called by Him right where you are at, it has only felt strange and different because it's a position He brought into your life for such a time as this.

People will no longer buy His gospel or sell Him as a product on the street. Those that do will not receive His Glory. Don't mistake profits for His Grace and Power. It may be that you will look and see money and He will say, "But I'm not there." It's not a time to follow those in fame, on popular demand in the public, for God will no longer be measured in the ratings. You will know Him in your heart, by your spirit you will know and follow Him. His success is for you to have faith in Him for the rest of your days, for you to be obedient to all His leadings by His Holy Spirit and reach the others He calls to you. Then, He calls you successful.

Just God People are not led by the opinions of man, they stay fixed and follow the leadings of God, it is His purpose they are fulfilling, not one that is man-made. Many have been receiving revelations and prophetic words from Him for a long time, and many could have written the same revelation that I have at 3:30 this morning, but God has kept us apart. You have heard from me, you will hear from them, not only in my territory but from around the world.

God's Grace, Mercy and Power is here but it came with a cost and the Just God People have been at work for a long time in His pruning fields and now is the time when God's followers will experience more of His Grace, Mercy and Power as those former revivals, healing crusades and Pentecost, a spiritual outpouring of His Grace, Mercy and Power. It's a time for those who have been in labor and it's time for new Believers to join in His Divine Movement and learn of Him through faith and obedience, led by His Holy Spirit. It's time for those who resisted the move of His Spirit to change, follow and obey God, not to be led by others or their circumstances."

I seek nothing from you. This Word has been shared as a possible confirmation in your spirit or a witness to others who may experience the same. Amen.

You can find a video of "The Just God People" on my YouTube Channel:

The Just God People, Who are They?

Who are The Just God People? They see into the realm of the Spirit, they see visions of Heavenly grandeur. You will never again have to prove your vision,mission or purpose by numbers; He will no lo...

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