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"My books are small, yet, powerful and inspired by God and will change the lives of those who read them"

Author of 13 inspirational books that promote healing, spiritual maturity and personal development.

Her books contain successful life tools for teens, adults, professional counselors, therapy and support groups, treatment centers, churches and faith-based organizations. For bulk copies, please contact Rev. Wellington for a special discount.

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Life & Healing Books:

New Book Release, "Be Healed While Waiting To Be Healed, A Solo Journey."  

It is the heart of God for you to be healthy, well and free from suffering in your body. You will gain spiritual knowledge and insight for healing as related to God's Love and His Laws and Principles. Everything about you has a spiritual connection. The healing you find here is not about doing jumping jacks, it's changing yourself and giving more attention on what needs to happen within your heart, spirit, mind, thoughts, emotions and spoken works. The work is an inside job, the problem is not about others, it's about you and how you can be healed, "A Solo Journey!'

"Wise Quotes for Life."  Have you ever had a rough day and needed to read or hear a profound quote, a short message that would cause you to think and reconsider your stand on that unhappy situation? "Wise Quotes for Life" is filled with statements that were inspired by God for me in teaching people how to live in peace, love and joy every day no matter their circumstances. It is my hope and prayer that the Quotes you read will continue to elevate you into becoming a more "Powerful Person" in coping with life and maturing your love relationship with the Almighty God!

In God's Presence Everyday, A Living-Love-Relationship with God."

Yes, you can sense, feel and be aware of the Presence of God Everyday! You can "experience" God! When you are personally meeting with your family and friends in your home, you have such joy and love. But we worship an Invisible God, how can that joy and love come and visit with you? Our religious education since childhood has taught us that to understand our relationship with God is by faith. Although this is true, you can sense, feel and be aware of His Presence--to know Him in greater depth and close intimacy!

Celebrating Life After Loss, Grief to Healing

Grief is a natural response to losing someone or something that's important to you. Many people suffer in sorrow and grief without knowledge and understanding for healing. Whether a recent loss or from years ago, this workbook will: Unfold the hidden sufferings of losing a love one. Bring understanding that grief is normal. The process of grief and loss can lead to healing and personal growth. How to live and celebrate a "new normal" after the loss of a love one.

Words Are Your Life

It is God's will for you to live in peace, love and joy everyday. "Words Are Your Life" will give you an quantum leap out of stress, burdens and hardships. Some people believe that their spoken words have little or no effect on themselves, others and their circumstances. Once they leave prayer and devotion times, their words change. Your words and intentions are always creating. "Words are spirit, words are energy, words are invisible matter and produce outcomes."

Eliminating Addictions & Bad Habits

Six-Week Miracle Plan

You have the power within you to stop any addiction and bad habits. Dorothy Wellington gives you a guarantee that you will experience change in six weeks. Your healing and recovery won't be hard or difficult, all you have to do is exercise discipline in following the simple instructions each day. No one has to continue living a suffering and hard life. When an addiction and bad habits control your life, you cannot live in peace, love and joy or fulfill your life purpose. In "Eliminating Addictions & Bad Habits," you will leave the hardness, striving-but-never-arriving healing and recovery from addictions and bad habits. When you order your copy, remember to also order for your friends and family members.

Spiritual Healing Beyond Religion

A study guide and healing book for helping professionals and anyone who has experienced the unfortunate pains of life. For years people have been struggling to be set free from addictions, drugs and alcohol abuse, poor relationships, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, grief, etc., and now in four easy steps they can be happy and thoroughly enjoy life.

It's All About God

Writing is an important tool to me. It provides a resource that people can keep and refer to as often as needed. When you read an article or book, the truth revealed to you at that moment will focus on your current state or problem. But, when it is read on a different day, you will continue to receive extended revelation from the author. "It's All About God" is a collection of newsletters and articles that have been compiled out of a love for God and compassion that I have for all of His people around the world. This book is dedicated to be a resource for you in truth and revelation about God and your relationship with Him as you live through the ups and downs of life. You will find knowledge, encouragement and wisdom for all your troubling situations and inspiration in areas of personal growth. There is goodness in this life and that goodness will be with you everywhere you go!

12-Month Spiritual Journal

This Journal will help you develop Spiritual Disciplines that are necessary in your maturity living in-Spirit with God. If you are new or old in your relationship with God, this Journal is an excellent workbook to add to your daily life tasks. The Spiritual Disciplines will increase your understanding, faith, commitment, and ability to hear from God. You will experience the joy of living with God in a physical Universe.

The Prayer Power Equation

Negative + Positive = Desire

This book will help people to become better able to live their lives in peace, love and joy. You have the ability to stop circumstances in your life from being as "one step forward and two steps backwards. The Prayer Power Equation book came by revelation to me from God. By applying this learned knowledge, the "one step forward and two steps backwards" will only be a part of your past; it is not a formula for success, but one that keeps open a pathway to failure. All things that you desire in your physical life has its beginning in the spiritual realm of your heart, soul and mind, including your thinking and believing faculties. "With God all things are possible."

Basic Principles for Change Workbook 30-Day Plan
This workbook will give you an opportunity to transform self-defeating habits and behaviors into a higher level of joyful experience. You will learn that miracles can happen in change. Often people resist change, but great things can happen if we would only change. You will lose your fear to change and learn to embrace change for miracles. The 30-Day Plan is designed step by step. Prepare a special event for your Success and Accomplishment!

Purchase a 2nd Book, Bless another person!

"When you give to the poor and those in need, God promises to multiply it back to you"

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