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"At 18 I left a loving and protected home with all my needs met with a mother and father, three brothers and three sisters and married a 20-year old man from my hometown in Coolidge, Arizona who had just finished a year of combat in the Viet Nam War. From 18 years of love and protection, I started a roller coaster of living with a husband who was mentally ill, then divorce, single parenting, and financial hardships one right after the other and illnesses.

But at the same time of living in poor circumstances, I knew the power of God was with me through it all in every day and year. I chose not to give up and to continue in the path of my life purpose that God had called me to be as His servant and caring for broken people. From my life experiences, education and revelations from God, I developed a teaching philosophy that everyone deserves to live in peace, love and joy no matter their circumstances.

God is so consistent! On December 5, 2018 in time of prayer He spoke to me that he was recognizing my accomplishments and He would be promoting me to Dr. Dorothy Wellington. I had no aspirations for titles, I asked Him why? He said it's an Honorary Doctorate for "Living Life!" I didn't change my title right away, the only step I took was to ask Bishop Rick & Debra Garrett to pray a blessing over me for 40 Years of Ministry.

Then one year later, December 14, 2019, Margie Craig presented me with this plague at our Christmas Celebration, more of an amazing miracle, she never knew of my prayer on December 5, 2018 and followed what God had ministered to her heart that I was now to be called, Dr. Dorothy Wellington! This Honorary Doctorate was from God, not granted to me from any church or organization. When I said, "God is consistent," receiving this Honorary Doctorate in Living Life is in line with my logo, "Just God." All I am and in ministry is about "Just God!"

Dr. Dorothy Wellington has been teaching men and women for over 40 years in how to live in power positions and reap peace, love and joy for their daily lives. She has taught years of classes, workshops, conferences, founding pastor of Beulah Land Ministries Teaching & Worship Center for 5 years, Bible classes at a Ministers Training Institute, five years at Glendale Community College special interest classes on How to Defeat Negative Thinking. Plus, 15 years in her counseling agency helping people in relationship conflicts and behavioral health issues. For nine years, she had a community outreach for the poor and homeless that provided programs and services that inspired them to be Super Stars.

In 2011, I received the honor of being a Community Luminary presented by the State of Black Arizona.

I teach "Simplicity in knowing God and empowering people through the cares and hardships of life with His Love & Power."

Even tho this ministry is my life commitment, I cannot do it alone. I need the help of our Angels of Light for support. None of this teaching mission would continue to be possible without financial offerings, tithes and donations from people like you. If you become an Angel of Light, you have been chosen by God and His blessings will come upon you in accordance to His Promise:

Dr. Dorothy Wellington's

Common Sense Theology

Tenets of Faith

Non-Denominational - "Just God" is not a religion but a faith to live by.

1. To lead people to the One, True and Living God.

2. To introduce people to the need of having their spirit in communion with God.

3. To help people develop a oneness relationship with God.

4. To help people mature in their love relationship with God.

5. To provide fellowship for people who have a relationship with God, and to also fellowship with those who do not.

6. To teach people how to receive God's leadership and guidance daily.

7. To teach the manifestations of love among and for all people. To be identified by the acts of love.

8. To minister care into the lives of the needy, poor and less fortunate with no discrimination.

9. To teach of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit throughout the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible, and other inspired writings.

10. To teach people to live a life of love, peace, serenity, joy, happiness, health and overall well-being.

"To Know God, To Love God and To Grow

more in Love with God."

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Mother's Day 2017

I am a proud mother of three children and 8 grandchildren.


This picture is a treasure of love, my father went to Heaven on September 10, 2018. Samuel Craig, Jr. Father

Dorothy Wellington, Daughter

April Denise Street, Granddaughter

Chris Street, Great Grandson and

Yvonne Street, Great-Great Granddaughter

"People are God's most valuable diamonds in all the world"

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