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 The Just God Academy
Online Teaching & Graduate Program
"Teaching the miraculous to be common place
in the lives of people"

1.  Imagine your life changed and you are overcoming obstacles and set backs.

2.  Improved health to your body and emotions.

3.  Money and prosperity to pay your bills and have an abundance to give to your loved charities.  

4.  Imagine being at rest for your dreams, visions, plans and goals being fulfilled!  

The Just God Academy enrollment will be a success for you because it is backed by the Living God!  Plan now to receive your first video lessons!

The Just God Academy was not developed to be an overnight class, but a teaching program to stay consistent with you month-to-month until your Graduation.  You will have success not only for a day but life long! 

 "Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments." (Heidi Reeder)  I am eager to inspire and teach as God leads in equipping you to overcome oppositions and hardships victoriously!
Join our Community of Powerful People!

You have the opportunity to register and participant at your convenience Online with the option of two teaching preferences.  (1) All Video lessons and supportive content are recorded on Facebook within our private group, "God's Love & Power Elite Group." or (2) All Video lessons and supportive content for the month are delivered to your Email address in a newsletter format.  See Registration link below.

The Just God Academy Enrollment includes:
* Weekly and monthly posts of insights and wisdom notes that supplement your God-inspired life skill video lessons that teach you to live in the miraculous as a Powerful Person!  
* Each teaching video viewed in its entirety and the completed Homework page counts as one class toward the 12 needed for graduation.  
* You can also view a teaching video each month of "Miracle Prayer Sunday" and graduate in 6 months.
* Live Online Group Discussions
* Course of Study Outline 
* Homework Assignments and Affirmations
* Copy of Books, “Words Are Your Life” and "Meet the Fear of Fear"
* Mid-week phone cell text messages of Encouragement
* Certificate of Completion & Graduation after 6 or 
12 months of enrollment and requirements have been met.   You become a "Just God Ambassador"
* You are part of a Community who walk through challenges as "Powerful People."   

If not now, when will you be ready to get out of a box of distressed limitations?

Please fill out the Comment form below for questions or more information.  Make your tuition payment by using the "Donate" button below.    Registration is always open.  It's important that everyone who wants to "Be More and Help Others to Be More" are able to afford The Just God Academy!   

How much does it cost?  Easy budget plans for tuition. * If you are in financial stress, See Dr. Wellington.  Everyone can afford to attend the Just God Academy!

Total year tuition is $300 to enroll as a Just God Academy Elite Student.  Payment Options:

12 monthly payments at $25.00 each month
2 payments  of $150.00
1 payment in full $300.00
Other ________ See Dr. Wellington

BONUS:  You will not only Be More, but you will have a big heart in helping others!

If you Register Today you can immediately view the latest teaching video for The Just God Academy!

Tuition payments can be made online by clicking the Donate button below or use Cash App $DorothyWellington.  Elite Students in hardships and unable to pay tuition or partial pay, share with Dr. Wellington.  It is my prayer that we will soon have Silver Club Sponsors to help support the tuition costs, books and expenses for the poor.

The Just God Academy Registration Form.  Click link to open and complete: 

Or Ask to receive the Registration Form by Email!
After your Registration, you will receive a Welcome New Elite Student and a Course of Study.

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