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"God cares for all those who are hurting"

On January 25, 2013 my son, Andre, entered the hospital emergency room with a ruptured brain aneurysm.  Within one month he had four brain surgeries regarding brain aneurysms.  I lived on a sofa behind his hospital bed for three and one-half months.  He spent most of his months in ICU.  This had been one of the worst experiences in my life and for my other children and family to be a part of his suffering.  As I walked down the hallways I would see people in their rooms with no one visiting them.  It reminded me how often people have critical needs and no one to pray for them.  Miraculously Andre recovered and now doing well!

I'm in prayer everyday and can also share your needs with others for miracles to the Almighty God.  Please leave your Testimony to also bless many others:  

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