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Dorothy Wellington Ministries - Teaching People to Live Empowered by God & His Love

The Just God Academy
Certificate Program
"Teaching the miraculous to be common place
in the lives of people"

The Just God Academy is an on-going teaching mission of Dorothy Wellington Ministries where you will learn more about God and how to access the miraculous to live every day in peace, love and joy no matter your circumstances. 

Elite Students 6 Areas of Master Skills:

1.  Develop a strong stand and faith in who they are in God and mature in spiritual self-esteem.
2.  Empowered to walk and talk Like God.
3.  Surrender to a Love-Relationship with God and continue to grow in that Love.
4.  Learn revelation, understanding, knowledge and wisdom of God's Laws & Principles for daily living.
5.  Live life in peace, love and joy by being in-spirit with God and led by Him.
6.  Prosper in finances, life plans and goals, also in health for body and mind.

You will grow more in the magnificence of who you are and in the knowledge and perfection of the Almighty God, your Creator.  See “Academy Enrollment” for more details.

Attend Your 1st Meeting!

Meetings are open to the public and held on the second Saturday (unless it's a holiday weekend) of each month at Denny's Restaurant, 5161 West Thunderbird, Glendale, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  Important to RSVP.  See Current Events page for date this month.

Guests, Visitors and Elite Students enjoy higher performance and energy to produce more on jobs, careers, school, home environment, retirement and in relationships.  They will have a desire to make a greater impact on humanity.  When your mind is free from stress, worry and fears, you are able to zero in on profitable and creative ideas, practices, actions and increased income.
For a more fulfilled life, a closer love-relationship with God, improved spiritual and intuitive abilities—Enroll Today!  God, His Holy Spirit, is tailoring The Just God Academy Certificate Program specifically for you and to help you along your spiritual path of growth and maturity.  As you progress through Rev. Wellington’s easy-to-follow teaching and instructions each month, you will improve in making the changes you desire for your life and personal development.
Enrollment includes:
Monthly teaching and class time
Lesson Handouts
Fellowship Meal 
Personal Notebook for Curriculum
Homework Assignments and Affirmations
Copy of Book, “Words Are Your Life”
Mid-week cell text message of Encouragement
Certificate of Completion & Graduation (12 classes)
Receive Free Subscription to Facebook God's Love & Power Elite Group. 
Available to the email "I Need to Talk Counselor"


In 2016 our city (Glendale) had two 15-year old girls who committed a murder-suicide.  Dorothy and May, as individuals and a couple, believed that their problems could not be solved in this life time.  I seen this picture of their wonderful faces and asked God how I could have done more.  I added Teens to my description for the Just God Academy in their honor.  "God has called the strong to walk beside the weak."  If not for yourself to attend, invite someone else, especially a Teen!

“The Just God Academy is a vehicle for transformation and I can help you step into it.” 

Rev. Dorothy Wellington has been teaching men and women for 38 years in how to live in power positions and reap peace, love and joy for their daily lives.  She has taught years of classes, workshops, conferences, Bible classes at a Ministers Training Institute, five years at Glendale Community College special interest classes on How to Defeat Negative Thinking.  Plus, 15 years in her counseling agency helping people in relationship conflicts and behavioral health issues.  For nine years, she had a community outreach for the poor and homeless that provided programs and services that inspired them to be Super Stars.

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