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Homeless Statistics

Jesus explained to the crowd and His disciples in Matthew 25, when you have fed the hungry, given water to the thirsty, provided shelter to strangers, clothes to the needy, cared for the sick and visited the prisoners, you have done unto Him.
The Maricopa Association of Governments Point-in-Time Homeless Street Count 2017 report 5,605 people had experienced homelessness in Maricopa County with 2,059 adults were sleeping on the street in one day. 3,546 people were listed to be in shelters.  Majority of those numbers are in the Phoenix area.
Homeless people die an average of 30% earlier than the general population.  Deaths related to extreme weather, crowded shelters, communicate diseases, medical illnesses, violence and crimes, psychiatric illnesses, illicit drug abuse, alcohol abuse, insufficient nutrition.  When you give support to our programs and events, you are actually helping to save lives.

"Dear God, I pray when the wind blows, the poor and homeless would be protected. When it rains, they would find dry ground. When it is cold, they would find warmth. When it is hot, they would find a cool place to rest. When they hunger, they would find food to feed their bodies. When they thirst, they would find clean water. When their clothes are worn, they would find new garments. When they are discouraged, they would find joy. In all that they need, I thank you for your Love and care for all who are homeless. Amen."

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