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 The Just God Academy Enrollment Form
"Teaching the miraculous to be common place
in the lives of people"

Please fill out the information for enrollment below.  You can also sign up at the next Just God Academy meeting.  Donation-based tuition for adults and teens.  Registration is always open.  It's important that everyone who wants to receive more fulfillment in their lives, to strengthen weaknesses and increase spiritual blessings, be able to afford The Just God Academy.  

People have the option of attending as a visitor, guest or enrolling as an Elite Student to receive a Certificate of Completion after 12 meetings.

What difference does regular attendance and a Certificate of Completion make:  "The Power of Consistency"

*  Elite Students will have learned and experienced a higher level in the Master Skills of The Just God Academy.
*  Gained prestigious character traits in spirituality and personal development.
*  Increased knowledge in knowing and understanding God, prayer life and in the power of their spoken words.
*  Certificate can be added to their list of awards on resumes, employment, volunteer positions and ministry assignments.  And serve as a reminder that they are a Powerful Person.
*  Family and friends will see the Certificate as a positive light in your life and be happy for you.

Suggested tuition-donation is $25 a month, some may be able to give more and some less or waived, no one is treated differently.  If a person is unable to donate the $25 each month, they can attend and are responsible for their meal cost at the Denny's Restaurant.  Guests and visitors who attend are also responsible for their meal cost.  (Breakfast meals as low as $4.00).  Tuition-donations can be made online by clicking the Donate button below or in class.  By mail: Checks made payable to Rev. Dorothy Wellington, P.O. Box 87413, Phoenix, AZ, 85080.  It is my prayer that we will soon have Silver Club Sponsors to help support the tuition costs and expenses for the poor.

Classes are held on second Saturday of the month at Denny's Restaurant, 5161 West Thunderbird, Glendale, AZ.  10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  Important to RSVP.  Please use the comment box to sign up for The Just God Academy and for more information or questions.  Address all correspondence to Rev. Dorothy Wellington, P. O. Box 87413, Phoenix, AZ, 85080.  See Current Events page for date this month.

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