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Programs and community outreach of Dorothy Wellington Ministries always involve teaching all people that they are amazing individuals created in the likeness of God.  They have been endowed with His Spirit to learn, grow and mature in His spiritual Laws & Principles to live every day in Peace, Love and Joy.  Welcome to the website and enjoy your time with us!


Revival for People to Talk and Walk in the Knowledge and Power of God

Between 2006 and 2016 Rev. Wellington ministered the Once-A-Month Church community outreach each month with her volunteers to the hurting, poor and homeless in a library and two parks in central Phoenix.  In March 2016, God's instructions included a change toward advancing people in their circumstances, spiritual and personal development.

The meetings changed from being located in the parks to a restaurant for The Just God Academy.  Here  people would receive inspirational life teachings in the knowledge and understanding of God's Laws & Principles.  It would be an informal setting for everyone to excel spiritually, increase in self-esteem and personal development.  People would be empowered in reaching their life plans and goals.  God gave The Just God Academy for visitors, guests and Elite Students for attendance and participation.  The curriculum is open to the general public.  Click here for more information

Good News Partners

You have an opportunity to always help the poor through the programs at Dorothy Wellington Ministries.  The poor are among the least of these in our society.  We believe that sustainability is ongoing when change happens within the the inside character of people with others helping them along the way.  We need you to become a Good News Partner who will financially support our program efforts that will educate, strengthen, and inspire the poor to reach their life plans and goals.  Use Donate button above or click on Donation & Support page.

"He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; He seats them with princes, with the princes of their people." (Psalm 113:7-8)

The Streets of Gold Leadership Program

This is a community program that began in 2010 with the focus on reaching those who were in poverty, troubled with addictions, mental illness or homeless.  The Super Workshops are held each quarter to aid in removing the stigma of receiving help for recovery and to inform the people of up-to-date community resources.  They receive encouragement, special speakers and behavioral health tools to aid in their healing process. 

When people walk the streets, stay around the parks and hidden areas for rest and sleep, they exclude themselves from the community.  The Streets of Gold brings them into a restaurant where other citizens attend and they are able to feel the unity of others and not separation.  Click here for more information.

Speaking Engagements for Rev. Dorothy Wellington  She has several topics to teach groups from her 36-year history.  Learn more:

Weekly Inspiration Newsletter

Everyone deserves to live in peace, love and joy everyday.  The Weekly Inspiration Newsletter is free and all we need is your email address to start receiving today.  It is always filled with a quick teaching and a way of thinking that applies to your life and wisdom on how you can overcome problems and obstacles.  Also you will receive current ministry and outreach information, community events and resources!

Wellington Library
"Books that change lives"

Rev. Wellington is the author of nine inspirational books that are designed to help people to live their lives with peace, love and joy.  "My books are small and powerful and will change the lives of those who read them.  Click "Wellington Library" on the left of this page or click here to review and place your order:

"You Heal Cancer"

Because of God I don't believe the world is ignorant of a cure for cancer, the answers are in the people.  It is written, "All things are possible with God."  "You Heal Cancer" were words God spoke to my heart and directed me in creating the blog. 

If you participate on this blog and write what has been in your heart, people in need will be touched, implement it into their lives and be healed.  If you have cancer or know of someone who does, take a moment to share the information on the blog with them.  You will find Testimonies, Remedies and Prayer.

Rev. Dorothy Wellington:  "People will be drawn to Dorothy Wellington Ministries of all faiths and beliefs.  There will be different versions to understanding the complexities of the Almighty God and His creation of Heaven and earth.  When I enter eternity I will know more perfectly the deity and Holiness of God.  Everyone is welcome and accepted into the Kingdom of God, no one is to be left out of His Love."

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