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Dorothy Wellington Ministries - "Home of Super Stars"
Meet Our Community
Outreach of Super Stars 
Our Super Stars are Strong and Powerful!
They are poor and homeless suffering through poverty, yet
each day they are surviving and God has called them
"Super Stars."
Easter is Coming!
 We held our early Easter Celebration at the Monterey Park on March 30th for our poor and homeless.  Now we are in need of 100 Easter baskets for our mission in Eloy, AZ.  Deadline for donations April 15th.  Click here for your donation
                                                                   Super Stars of Inspiration

Did this Stretch Hummer Limo arrive with people from Hollywood? Click on our Current Event page and find out what happened on December 18, 2013!
Our Goal
We help our poor and homeless Super Stars to reach their life plans and goals through programs and activities that increase their self-esteem, dignity and involvement in the community.
SPECIAL NEED: Full-Size Car or SUV.

Staff Volunteers for our 7th Year Anniversary of the Once-A-Month Church held on Sunday, October 27, 2013.
* When you provide support, you are helping to change the lives of people who are living in poverty.
*Every week you will receive from Rev. Wellington  "Your Inspiration Thought for the Week Newsletter," which is filled with wisdom for Healing, Spiritual and Personal Development.
* You become a Light inspiring others to see their way out of dark and hopeless places.
Click here and sign up today on page: "Super Stars of Inspiration."  The full extent of your commitment can not be measured in a letter or report, your inspiration and influence extend far beyond what we can see, but all that you contribute will be written in the Books of Heaven.
Letter from the Street:
What a great time I had.  I have been personally blessed with shoes, shirts and food from you and your donors.  I have also blessed someone else with a pair of 14 sized shoes I picked up from your donors (no less, extra wide, which he needed unbeknownst to me).  God works in mysterious ways?  No. Expect a miracle!!!! 
This morning I was hungry.  He blessed me and others with food in the park.  My favorite book is James.  For me, homelessness has brought me back to God and my brother Jesus.  James says to delight in life's challenges.  Only then, do I know that God is right there beside of me.  I know He has worked through you and othes to show me His love and ways.  Take care of yourself, so that you may to bless others.  Your message is simple.  Your Love is awesome.  With best personal regards, Kenneth
Are you experiencing problems you can't overcome?  Order workbook - "Eliminating Addictions & Bad Habits," click page here or on left side "Order Books to Change Lives."
"We Care About People"
PURPOSE"We are God's love in action so no one is left out of His love." We bring the Good News of Peace, Love and Joy to all people, all races, backgrounds, religions, and gender.
VISION: To to teach and strengthen 1,000 of the poor & homeless to rise up out of isolation and discrimination and be the Dream.
"I have a Dream that one day a visitor will arrive in our City and ask, "Where are all the homeless people?" And the resident will reply, "We care about people and found a way to help." (Rev. Dorothy Wellington)

Every moment of your life is precious. Would you stop for five minutes and "Become A Super Star of Inspiration."
"Be at Rest, Be at Peace, Be Like God"
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