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Dorothy Wellington Ministries - Empowering People In Their Greatness & To Serve Others

Community Outreach to 
the Poor & Homeless
Our Super Stars are Strong and Powerful!
They are the poor and homeless in central Phoenix suffering through poverty, yet each day they are surviving and God has
called them, "Super Stars."  We meet monthly at a local park in central Phoenix.  Click on the Once-A-Month Church page to learn more!

Developing the poor and homeless to be Good News Leaders for their peers on the street and community.

It's an innovative program where the "Homeless are 
reaching the Homeless."

Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me."
Matthew 25:34-45
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           Super Stars of
Strong and powerful people who care for others.

Because of the financial support and resources of others, we are able to accomplish more in our ministry, programs and community outreach.

Every donation makes a tremendous difference in touching the lives of hurting people and those living in poverty. 

You can become a Super Star of Inspiration today, click on it's page on the left.

God is saying "You Heal Cancer."  The site was inspired in the heart of Rev. Wellington by God for people to share their remedies, testimonies and prayers they believed to heal cancer. It may be a product at their local drug store, inside their medicine cabinet, garden, an herb, a spice, supplements, vitamins, a mineral or in their food pantry or refrigerator.

"I don't believe it's in the billions of dollars.  If the billions of dollars had a cure at this given minute, it would take about 20 more years to get through the FDA, licensing, drug industries, etc., before being available to the public." Begin helping someone today and go to:

Rev. Wellington is the author of eight inspirational books that are designed to help people to live their lives with peace, love and joy.  "My books are small and powerful and will change the lives of those who read them.  Review at the link on the left of this page or go directly to website and place your order:

Rev. Wellington writes this on-line free Newsletter each week to bring Healing, Spiritual and Personal Development in the lives of people.  "Teaching how to live in-Spirit with God in our physical Universe."The Newsletter also includes up-to-date information on the ministry, programs, and community outreach.


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