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Super Workshops
Behavioral Health Empowerment

Grief to Healing Expose' 2018

Many of our participants suffer from sickness, mental illness, substance abuse, life traumas, homelessness and loss.  Others have family members and friends who suffer in these areas.  Super Workshops are also for staff, caregivers, and volunteers who work with special populations who could benefit from Behavioral Health Empowerment.  

Super Workshops are held at a local restaurant.  Participants receive behavioral health tools and lessons that heal the brokenness in their lives, build their self-esteem, become empowered and strengthen in their daily coping abilities with success and joy . 

With the financial help of Good News Partners, the Super Workshops continue to bring healing and restoration in the lives of hurting people throughout the year. Become a Good News Partner today, Click on "Donate" button below or go to our page, Donations & Support

When people feel good, they believe in hope for a brighter future.  The refreshed attitude is experienced in their homes, personal relationships, workplace, school, and they become more involved in community activities.


When you join as a Good News Partner, we can accomplish more in helping people at our Super Workshops

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