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Streets of Gold Leadership Program
"Developing "Good News Leaders"
We equip our poor and homeless Super Stars to become "Good News Leaders" for their peers on the street and community.
They receive encouragement and up-to-date social service information for themselves and then they share the information with their peers on the street throughout the month.  "The homeless are reaching the homeless." 

Many of our participants suffer from sickness, mental illness, substance abuse and chronic homelessness.  Super Workshops are held each quarter at a local restaurant.  They also learn Inspirational Life Lessons to build their self-esteem and to improve their coping abilities that help them to reach their life plans and goals.  Our participants are also part of the community outreach for the  Once-A-Month Church which reaches out to the poor and homeless in central Phoenix.

You can support the Streets of Gold Leadership Program by becoming a Prime Sponsor or at any level of giving

During our July 2015 Super Workshop, one of our participants (Anthony) presented me with a gift T-Shirt for being so generous to them with T-shirts and clothing!  Workshop was sponsored by Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care!

When you make donations toward our $15,000 Budget, you will be helping the Streets of Gold Leadership Program to continue equipping the poor and homeless in reaching their plans and goals. Our Budget also includes community outreach and an overnight retreat, "Spiritual Healing for Emotional Pain."

"When you give to the programs and activities for our poor and homeless Super Stars, God promises to multiply it back to you.

We all enjoy attending our workshops for the Streets of Gold Leadership Program!
In 2013-15, Wendi and Limoz Arizona of Scottsdale donated a Stretch Hummer Limo for our top 14 participants.  They were picked up at the Margaret T. Hance Park and arrived at our events at the Golden Corral Buffet!  See more pictures on our Current Event page. 

Wendy (Limoz Arizona, Scottsdale) with her Stretch Hummer Limo was also the chauffeur for our July 2015 Super Workshop!  Adam Street, professional caricature artist of Sketch My Wedding, drew portraits of each participant, everyone had a blast!
One of our participants responded:  "Thank you for the awesome drive and Limo!  It's always gonna be a memory I will live with forever.  God bless you."
We inspire our participants to a higher level of self-esteem and value to their community in spite of living in poverty. When they arrive with us at the Streets of Gold Leadership Program workshops their "will to live" is very low. Their motivation for job search and community resources is nearly depleted. They have received so many "no's," that they have quit trying. As they participate in listening to the Inspirational Life Lessons and receive up-to-date community resources, their hope is restored in themselves and their ability to reach their plans and goals toward healing and self-sufficiency.
We empower participants to transform their own lives and their communities. As their lives are being restored, they are instructed to share what they have learned with their peers on the street. The success of the Streets of Gold Leadership Program continues to multiply through them.

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Prime Sponsor - Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

As you join as a supporter for the Streets of Gold, we can accomplish more during our community outreach, workshops and overnight spiritual healing retreats.

Become a valued  Sponsor in helping us to reach more poor and homeless.
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