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Current Events

Please join us at our next events!

Once-A-Month Church
Community Outreach

First meeting in 2015!

SundayJanuary 25, 2014
 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Monterey Park, 350 East Oak and TASC Parking Lot, Phoenix.

 Stop by to fellowship with Rev. Wellington, Staff Volunteers and our Super Stars and, of course, God is always present!
Streets of Gold Leadership Program
Good News Leaders
Registration is required during our Once-A-Month Church meeting in the park.  You must register in order to attend the Streets of Gold Leadership Program workshops.

We are in need of financial sponsors before we can schedule the next workshop.
To learn more about the Streets of Gold Leadership Program click here or on its page on the left side.

 Christianity & Spirituality Fellowship
Saturday, February 7, 2015, Denny's Restaurant
5161 West Thunderbird Road
Glendale, AZ
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
It's important to RSVP.  Go to website or send Rev. Wellington an email.

Streets of Gold Leadership Program Annual Celebration December 18, 2013
Yes, you have found that it was our Super Stars who arrived at the Golden Corral in a Stretch Hummer Limo!

Many of our participants received first, second and third place ribbons for great attendance during the year.  Here are a few of their pictures:

7th Year Anniversary of the Once-A-Month Church
Our celebration was held on Sunday, October 27, 2013 in the Monterey Park.  We receive greeting cards with these well wishes from our Super Stars that said:
"God Bless you Dorothy, I love you!
New friend Mark and God bless"
Many signatures that said, "God bless you."
"God bless you Dorothy."
"We love and need you Pastor."
"God is good, always."
"Many blessings in this ministry."
"Today is a very good day for all of us thanks to you."
"Love ya
Happy Anniversary with love."
"God bless you in all and everything."
"Thank you for 7 loving years of joy, happiness and love."
I love you."
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Channel 3 Homeless Birthday Party Coverage
The 5th Annual Homeless Birthday Party Celebration
An awesome event at the Monterey Park on July 28, 2013!

Easter Celebration,
March 30, 2014



"We are inviting Super Stars of Inspiration from around the world to join us in 2015 so the ministry and community outreach can continue to effect the lives of so many poor and homeless Super Stars in our community.  Every donation, large and small, is needed and appreciated.  See page "Super Stars of Inspiration"


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