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Current Events

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 The Just God Academy

"Teaching the miraculous to be common place
in the lives of people"

Saturday, April 8, 2017
April Showers Blessings!
Denny's Restaurant
5161 West Thunderbird
Glendale, AZ
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.

Each person is responsible for their meal cost at Denny's, they have great budget breakfast selections as low as $4.00!  For more information see  The Just God Academy Enrollment.  

Important to RSVP

Streets of Gold Super Workshop
 Behavioral Health Empowerment

Next meeting Scheduled in May, 2017

"Our Social Media Church"
A place of God's Love for
Internet and Facebook users.

Receive daily and weekly words of encouragement and Good News messages about God.

Request to be a Facebook friend of Dorothy Welllington and join our fellowship at

Once-A-Month Church
Community Outreach to Poor & Homeless
2006 - 2016
Our Firsts in the Phoenix Valley:

* To have an Annual Birthday Celebration for the poor and homeless.
*To have a community outreach for the poor and homeless who targets self-esteem building in their programs and activities.
*To call the poor and homeless "Super Stars"
*To provide the poor and homeless children, grandchildren, foster and God-children at Christmas and Easter with toys and gifts.
*To have a Scottsdale limo service to transport poor & homeless men and women to the Streets of Gold Leadership Program's workshop and end-of-the-year events.
*To have the first "Good Shoe Day for the Homeless"





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