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Programs and community outreach of Dorothy Wellington Ministries always involve teaching all people that they are amazing individuals created in the likeness of God.  They have been endowed with His Spirit to learn, grow and mature in His spiritual Laws & Principles to live every day in Peace, Love and Joy.  Welcome to the website and enjoy your time with us!

  Once-A-Month Church
   Community Outreach

Vision: "To change the heart of the poor and homeless to be one of Super Stars and be an inspiration for them to reach their plans and goals for the future."

Next Meeting, Sunday, October 25, 2015!

Our Super Stars are Strong and Powerful!
They are the poor and homeless in central Phoenix suffering through poverty, yet each day they are surviving and God has
called them, "Super Stars."  We meet monthly at a local park in central Phoenix.  Click on the Once-A-Month Church page to learn more!

YES, We need you to help fill 100 Snack Bags for our poor and homeless Super Stars!  Did you go into your kitchen and pick up a snack, a cookie, bowl of ice cream or bag of chips?  Our families are unable to enjoy this treat.  Once they have a meal--there are no snacks!  On Sunday, October 25th we will be distributing 100 Snack Bags to our Super Stars and you can be a part of this treat for them which brings joy and hope.  Donate $10, $20 and More, use the button above or go to page, Partners to Super Stars.


It is God's will for you to live in peace, love and joy everyday.  "Words Are Your Life" will give you a quantum leap out of stress, burdens and hardships.  Some people believe that their spoken words have little or no effect on themselves, others and their circumstances.  Your words and intentions are always creating.  "Words are spirit, words are energy, words are invisible matter and produce outcomes."  See Order Books to Change Lives

What an awesome event it was on July 26th.  Over 100 poor and homeless adults, plus children attended.  All had fun, fellowship, gifts and a fantastic lunch with grilled hamburgers.  What a magical sound when you could hear them all sing "Happy Birthday" to each other.  All gifts were made possible by the TASC Employees, Becky and the LDS Crystal Shores Ward, Faith Celebration Ministries, Monica, Partners to Super Stars, Phoenix Rescue Mission, Staff and Guest Volunteers.  To help us continue each month with our programs and activities  See Partners to Super Stars.

Our Firsts in the Phoenix Valley

*To have a Homeless Baby Shower for poor and homeless pregnant women under the Central Avenue Bridge.
*  To have a Streets of Gold Leadership Program that took a group of poor and homeless men and women to have lunch at a restaurant in Scottsdale and later continued to other restaurants in Phoenix.
*  To have an Annual Birthday Celebration for the poor and homeless.
*  To be a community outreach for the poor & homeless who targets self-esteem building in their programs & activities.
*  To call the poor and homeless population "Super Stars."
To honor the poor and homeless children, grandchildren, foster and God-children at Christmas and Easter with toys and gifts.
*  To have a Scottsdale Limo service to transport poor and homeless men and women to the Streets of Gold Leadership Program's workshops and end-of-the-year events.
To have the first "Good Shoe Day for the Homeless."

Developing poor and homeless Super Stars to be Good News Leaders for their peers on the street and community.
It's an innovative program where the "Homeless are 
reaching the Homeless."

During our July 2015 Super Workshop, Wendi of Limoz Arizona (Scottsdale) and her Stretch Hummer Limo was our chauffeur who picked up participants at the park and drove them to the Golden Corral Buffet.  Adam Street, Professional Caricature Artist (Sketch My Wedding), was our guest and drew portraits for each participant.  Everyone had a blast!

     "Strong & Powerful People Caring for Others"

Don't miss this opportunity to reach the poor like Jesus did.  God could have chosen any other person to view our website today, but He chose you!  Click here or the page, Partners to Super Stars, and do what your heart tells you.  Every donation is needed, large or small, you will make a big difference!


This Fellowship began in June 2014.  We meet on the first Saturday of the month for the Purpose (1) To be a Fellowship for people where We Talk About God.  (2) To inspire people to be in a relationship with God and to grow more in love with Him.  (3) To encourage people to expand their boundaries in reaching and caring for others.

Meetings are in a casual setting at the Denny's Restaurant, 5161 West Thunderbird Road, Glendale, AZ.  Click on the page "Christianity & Spirituality Fellowship."  See Current Events page for next meeting and to RSVP.

Speaking Engagements for Rev. Dorothy Wellington:  She has several topics to teach from her 35-year history.  The latest, "Self-Esteem Healing Homelessness," to book a date and learn more go to:

Because of God I don't believe the world is ignorant of a cure for cancer, the answers are in the people.  It is written, "All things are possible with God."  "You Heal Cancer" were words God spoke to my heart and directed me in creating the blog.  

If you participate on this blog and write what has been in your heart, people in need of healing will come to the site, read and find a word that will touch their heart, implement it into their lives and be healed.  If you have cancer or know of someone who does, take a moment to share the information on the blog with them.  You will find Testimonies, Remedies, and Prayers .

Rev. Wellington is the author of nine inspirational books that are designed to help people to live their lives with peace, love and joy.  "My books are small and powerful and will change the lives of those who read them.  Click at Wellington Library on the left of this page or click here and place your order:

Rev. Wellington writes this on-line free Newsletter, "Your Inspiration Thought for the Week" to bring Healing, Spiritual and Personal Development in the lives of people.  "Teaching how to live in-Spirit with God in our physical Universe."  The Newsletter also includes up-to-date information on the ministry and community outreach.


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